Connecting Kingdom minded ministries and churches from USA to front line Local African Church Ministries based on partnerships between credible leaders.

  CTA identifies Credible leaders in Uganda, S. Sudan, Zimbabwe and Botswana to connect USA churches and ministries in partnerships that will move your church or ministry forward 3-5 years in front line 3rd world ministry. Kingdom growth will result from partnerships between USA local churches and trusted African leaders working together to accomplish God’s will within strategic locations of ministry. True Partnerships where both partners have mutual commitment and responsibility.

 The primary goal is community transformation in local African villages, which begins with a trusted Leader, Christ Centered Church, Clean Water, Education for the children, Feeding Center, Medical Clinic, and Vocational Training and Agriculture projects to obtain sustainability. We need partner churches and team members to provide resources and mission teams to fulfill many request to train & equip for the work of the ministry. 

                                                                                                                            Rev. Ken Galyean

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