Sarah & Joseph Foundation of Call to Africa – Iganga Tailoring Graduation

Irene Kaziba co-founder of Sarah and Joseph Foundation of CTA  Pictured from left to right is Irene Kaziba Co-Founder of Sarah & Joseph Foundation of CTA, graduating student, and Janet the class instructor. Today 5 ladies graduated from the first group of this tailoring School in Iganga, Uganda. Hope Well BC help to partner with S&J co-Founder Renate Galyean back in June to bring the sewing machines to this class.

 Today with the help of Gloria Cooper of Cooper and Co. and friends of the Sarah and Joseph Foundation, we were able to buy 4 new machines to provide for the first graduates of this class.

 Renate and Irene work together to bring empowerment to the women through Bible conferences, clinics and practical job training skills and pigery projects. We hope to visit Iganga again in June of this year to celebrate the next graduates of this project under the Sarah and Joseph Foundation of CTA. Please help us as we seek to provide for the least within the communities and villages around Uganda to work toward community transformation.

Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift!

Rev. Ken Galyean

Marchison Falls, Kampala, Jinja, Mbarara, Ibanda, Kazo – Uganda

Elephants on the Nile River A quick trip to Marchison Falls with Tony and Phil from FFC, and then to Entebbe to see them return to USA. Now in Kampala preparing for another team member to arrive tonight and meanwhile making arrangements to travel back to Jinja for School Dedication(Monday), after church services this weekend.

Monday  to Iganga for First Sewing  Graduation with Irene Kaziba and give two sewing machines for the next class to begin. Thank you Hope Well BC from Plant City FL.

 Last minute preparations for Team for MS. arriving on the 2nd of Feb then begin traveling west to Mbarara for two days, then pastor’s conference, evangelistic rallies and crusade in Ibanda, Kazo Uganda.

We are on the home stretch and the next 12-13 days will begin to move fast. Please pray for CTA and the teams, partners and all those who make this possible.

 Thanks be unto God for unspeakable gift!

Rev. Ken Galyean

Good Shepherd School is Getting ready for the Children to Return

Good Shepherd School New Block Approaching Completion

 As the days move closer to beginning of the new term for Good Shepherd School, the details are being completed so everything is ready for the children to begin the new term in the new building. The windows and walls and chalk boards are being put in place, new desk are being constructed and the village excitement is reaching a new high.

 All the Glory belongs to God for His mercy and grace raising partners to raise up this life transforming structure dedicated to serving Him and raising a generation of school children who will know Jesus Christ is trully awesome and worthy of praise!

A view from the inside of the new class room, painted and chalk board in place.

 Here you see pictured the inside of one of the new classrooms where the children will be taught the Biblical world view and how to be successful in life through education and centering their life on Jesus Christ.

Building new desk for the new school rooms

 In this picture Pastor Henry is giving direction as Phil and Tony from Fishhawk Fellowship Church, and Danny from Henry’s church build new desk for the new school rooms.

 This is an exciting time for the community and Life Giving Stream Tabernacle Church of Njeru, Uganda and the Good Shepherd School as they participate in a miracle of God being revealed before their eyes.

Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable Gift!

Mbale , Uganda CTA Joins 3 Church Effort for Evangelsitic Campaign

Mbale, Uganda Crusade reaps Great HarvestPastor Henry Ssevviiri, Pastor Edward of KaMpala, and Pastor Phillip of Mbale supported their youth who prayed and sought the Lord to bring a team to preach the gospel in the beautiful hills of Mbale.

We were able to join the team on Thursday and Friday January 20-21 to bring food and supplies for the team and pastor’s conference. Many people responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we witnessed a great move of the Holy Spirit as these youth saturated this area with the gospel through evangelsitic rallies, pastor’s training and a crusade with Jesus Film shared after the crusade meetings each night of Monday – Friday, January 17-21, 2011.

Thanks Be Unto God for His unspeakable gift.

  Rev. Ken Galyean

FishHawk Felowship Church Enter Partnership in Busembatia for Transformation

Pastor Tony of FishHawk Fellowship Church with Pastor JefferyPastor Tony of FFC Lithia , FL stands with leadership team to form a partnership to work toward community transformaton. Pastor Jeffery of Busembatia Prayer Palace and his leaders have sought the Lord in fasting and prayer to know God;s provisoisn for the vision God gave them.

 Now Pastor Tony and Phil from FFC will go back and report the opportunity to make an impact for the Kingdom as they partner with these precious saints to stand with to make an impact in this community of Busembatia. Please pray as they walk through setting up parameters so this partnership will be intiated by God and not man.

Rev. Ken Galyean

CTA Witness the Miracle of Community Transformation

New 4 Block School Wing for Good Shepherd School

Now just a few days before the children of Good Shepherd School, Njeru, Uganda enter their new building the Ministry of Education has already approved the structure to be accupied on January 31, 2011.

Tomorrow Fishhawk Fellowship Lithia, FL. team members will help to build new desk for the children who will occupy this new wing. We praise God for raising up this tangeble evidence of His gospel message. Pastor Henry Ssevviiri and Head Teacher Justine Namulando have labored prayerfully and personally to see this school move from a thatch hut to a beautiful structure.

They give all the Glory to God and we are so thankful to be a channel for resources to this ministry which is a key part of community transformation.

Thanks to all who participated in this God sized task and watched this miracle rise from the ashes! 

 Blessings! Bro. Ken Galyean

Community Transformation Model

 In the ‘Horn’ of Africa close to the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo CTA has targeted several villages for community transformation.

 If you look at you can see an example of what this transformation looks like. Please pray for CTA as they connect partner ministries and churches to these targeted villages for ‘Community Transformation’.

 Patrick Jones – CTA Trustee, and Personal Advisor will make the journey to view the locations for Community Transformation. Also joining us are Phil and Tony from Fishhawk Fellowship Church, another partner in community transformation.  

 Pastor Henry Ssevviiri of Life Giving Stream Tabernacle will host our team and Pastor Joseph Olowo from Mbarara will prepare the leadership in his area for our team coming the first of February.

Education for Community Transformation

Meet Head Master Gersy, as he stands beside the sign leading to his village, school and office on top of a hill in Kabwohe, Uganda.

 With the help of some special gifts from individuals (Randy & Rita) and a bibles study (Therapy Mgmt Corp) in Tampa, FL – CTA will carry a team of USA/Ugandans to set a water system in this village close to Gersy’s school.

We consider Gersy and his wife Joy modern day heroes because they have given their lives to help educate the orphans and vernerable children in their area of Uganda. Please pray for us and Joy and Gersy as they invest in the lives of the future leaders of Uganda.


Rev. Ken Galyean

Bibles and Bicycles – Mobilize the Gospel

We met this Pastor in 2008 in Kabali, Uganda close to the border of  Rwanda on this bicycle. He asked if he could speak to me and thank me for the bicycle. I said there is no way CTA provided that bicycle as we give new bicycles away.

The Pastor said; “no you don’t understand Pastor Ken I received this bicycle in 2005 in Mbarara, Uganda (about 200 KLM away) and I’ve been using it for ministry in this area ever since.

 FBC McComb, MS and Pastor Woody Rimes are also raising money for bicycles now for an upcoming conference in Kazo, Uganda. Please pray for us and help us mobilbize the gospel as we train and equip for the work of the ministry through out the remote areas of Uganda.

 For about $85 each we can purchase a bicycle in country and have it assembled by local church members to expand the kingdom of God . If you would like to help us you can donate through our paypal account on this page or look at the contact page for address if you want to send a check. We are also buying bibles in their local language at $10 each.

Please help us spread this gospel!


Rev. Ken Galyean

Water Project in Kabwohe, Uganda

Joy and Gersey's School Children

 In Kabwohe, Uganda on top of a mountain nearby is Joy and Gersey’s School where 120 orphans and vernerable children are being educated by Head Master Gersey who has been retired from the education system of Uganda for years. He took what pension monies he received for his service to the country and used it to reinvest in these children that would not be afforded education without his generosity.

 Pictured with the children is Renate Galyean Director of Sarah & Joseph Foundation of CTA , Ivonne Pike, and Kim Riezenwitz who  joined us in June of 2010 to seek opportunities like this water project in Kabwohe, Uganda.

 They send a donkey down the bottom of the hill twice a day to draw water for their needs. Please help us place a water system by the school so they won’t have to depend on the transporting of water to this sight. We have already received some monies for this project but need about $1500 more dollars to purchase a tank and design a rain water catching system with a simple filter. We have teams coming with us in January and February who can help with the construction but we could use your help.

 More than 68% of all desease is caused from lack of access to clean water in Uganda, this is trully a great way to validate the Gospel of Jesus Christ! You can go to the donate button on our site or send resources to the address listed under the Contact Page of this site.


Rev. Ken Galyean