We met this Pastor in 2008 in Kabali, Uganda close to the border of  Rwanda on this bicycle. He asked if he could speak to me and thank me for the bicycle. I said there is no way CTA provided that bicycle as we give new bicycles away.

The Pastor said; “no you don’t understand Pastor Ken I received this bicycle in 2005 in Mbarara, Uganda (about 200 KLM away) and I’ve been using it for ministry in this area ever since.

 FBC McComb, MS and Pastor Woody Rimes are also raising money for bicycles now for an upcoming conference in Kazo, Uganda. Please pray for us and help us mobilbize the gospel as we train and equip for the work of the ministry through out the remote areas of Uganda.

 For about $85 each we can purchase a bicycle in country and have it assembled by local church members to expand the kingdom of God . If you would like to help us you can donate through our paypal account on this page or look at the contact page for address if you want to send a check. We are also buying bibles in their local language at $10 each.

Please help us spread this gospel!


Rev. Ken Galyean

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