New 4 Block School Wing for Good Shepherd School

Now just a few days before the children of Good Shepherd School, Njeru, Uganda enter their new building the Ministry of Education has already approved the structure to be accupied on January 31, 2011.

Tomorrow Fishhawk Fellowship Lithia, FL. team members will help to build new desk for the children who will occupy this new wing. We praise God for raising up this tangeble evidence of His gospel message. Pastor Henry Ssevviiri and Head Teacher Justine Namulando have labored prayerfully and personally to see this school move from a thatch hut to a beautiful structure.

They give all the Glory to God and we are so thankful to be a channel for resources to this ministry which is a key part of community transformation.

Thanks to all who participated in this God sized task and watched this miracle rise from the ashes! 

 Blessings! Bro. Ken Galyean

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