Good Shepherd School New Block Approaching Completion

 As the days move closer to beginning of the new term for Good Shepherd School, the details are being completed so everything is ready for the children to begin the new term in the new building. The windows and walls and chalk boards are being put in place, new desk are being constructed and the village excitement is reaching a new high.

 All the Glory belongs to God for His mercy and grace raising partners to raise up this life transforming structure dedicated to serving Him and raising a generation of school children who will know Jesus Christ is trully awesome and worthy of praise!

A view from the inside of the new class room, painted and chalk board in place.

 Here you see pictured the inside of one of the new classrooms where the children will be taught the Biblical world view and how to be successful in life through education and centering their life on Jesus Christ.

Building new desk for the new school rooms

 In this picture Pastor Henry is giving direction as Phil and Tony from Fishhawk Fellowship Church, and Danny from Henry’s church build new desk for the new school rooms.

 This is an exciting time for the community and Life Giving Stream Tabernacle Church of Njeru, Uganda and the Good Shepherd School as they participate in a miracle of God being revealed before their eyes.

Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable Gift!

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