When God Calls His Sheep

Mustaffa in Mbarara

Pastor Woody Rimes and the team from FBC McComb watched as God used His gospel to reach this muslim on a bus.

 After presenting the good news of Jesus Christ at a bus stop where people were every where.

 You never know what God will do when we lift up Jesus Christ, but here in the middle of a conjested bus stop, the Holy Spirit of God took the message of Jesus and applied it to the heart of this muslim and his wife. Pastor Woody was summoned by this couple who just prayed to receive Christ on the bus. As Pastor Woody goes on the bus to pray with the couple another woman asked if he could pray with her. God is Awesome!

 After rejoicing with our new found brother in Christ we received and invitation to go to this man’s home area to share the goodnews with all his neighbors. While our rally team presented the gospel and our new Christian brother publically professed Christ 12 more of his neighbors came to receive Jesus Christ!

Pictured here is the team from FBC McComb preparing to pass out bibles and bikes to local leaders!

Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift!

Rev.Ken Galyean

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