Botswana Church Plant  October 1-11, 2011 CTA will carry a team from our home church Crosspointe Community Church in Madison, AL. Oklahoma, and Virginia, who will travel to the town of Mosojane, Botswana to continue working toward community transformation in this strategic location on the border of Zimbabwe.

Please pray for us and consider joining us as we prepare to train leaders, and saturate the area with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our relationship with Open Baptist Church of Gaborone, Botswana and Pastor Norman Schaeffer has afforded us this opportunity underneath their vision to reach their country with the gospel.

Botswana suffers with the Aids pandemic rating 2nd worst HIV prevalence rate in the world. But with the hope of Jesus Christ and promoting and change in behavior we have witnessed the sparks of genuine revival. Please pray for us as we work alongside those in this border town where the refugees from Zimbabwe are flooding into the country.

Blessings! Rev. Ken Galyean

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