Crosspointe Community Church in Madison Alabama is the home church of CTA ‘s Ken and Renate Galyean. They have asked me to partner with them in facilitating our senior graduates who desire a hands on mission experience enstead of going on a typical Senior trip to the beach.

So the end of May Student Pastor Daivid Howard and Mission Team Leader Josh McNeil  from CPC will lead a team to three cities in Guatemala to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and equip leaders in evangelistic work among the villages, schools, parks.

In the picture you see an alley setting in one of the neighborhoods of Guatemala City from previous trips. CTA has a passion to get people to the mission field as quickly as possible and though our primary focus is Africa, some of these students will begin to get a taste for God’s heart for the world.

One of the college age students who went with CTA to Guatemala in 2009 is now going to Uganda with us as our summer intern. We have learned the power that God has placed in the hearts of these upcoming leaders and missionaries for tomorrow. Please pray for us as we seek to work alongside leaders in Solola, Quetzaltanango, and Antigua.

Blessings! Rev. Ken Galyean

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