Guatemala with Senior Graduates from Crosspointe

Well in Local Village in Guateamla
Team from Crosspointe Community Church


 ‘Making Devoted Disciples of Jesus Christ who Love God, Love Each Other, and Serve the World’ is our Mission Statement of Crosspointe Community Church in Madison, AL. where Renate and I are members. As we prepare to leave for a month in Uganda on June 8th I had the priveledge to lead a team of 4 Graduating Seniors and 4 Adults into strtegic areas of Guatemala to continue working within the vision of our Local Pastor; John Dees, and the Elders of our church.

 You see pictured here our team and a group of local leaders in a community outside Quetzaltango, Guatemala standing in front or a well placed here by our church and Living Water Int. in February of this year. We got the priveledge to go back into this community to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ alongside the local church leaders and church members from Xela.

 We saw our church vision fleshed out by working alongside Pastor Wilder Manrique from the local Baptist Seminary and 8 other pastors from the area who joined our team to use creative methods of evangelism to present the gospel in schools, parks, markets places and communities like this one where our church had already paved the way for us by helping provide a water well in this community.

 Our team not only shared the gospel, but helped to train and equip these 8 churches repesented by their pastors and church members who joined us and presented the gospel with us. The end goal was to leave sound equipment and puppet stage, puppets and props so when we left they were prepared to carry on the evangelistic strategies we used to share the gospel in their communities and alongside church plants and communities under the local pastors in their areas of ministry.

 Special thanks to our interpreter Nelson Hernandez from Guatemala City who enabled us to communicate in the local language. He is such a vital part of our team. Our Student Pastor – David Howard, Mission Team Lead – Josh McNeil, CPC Youth Servant – Jenn Dittenbur, worked alongside Cameron, Jeremy, Sarah Beth, and Naomi (Graduating Seniors from CPC) to fulfill our church vision in a week long effort to ‘ Make Devoted Deisciples who Love God, Love Each Other, and Serve the World.’ 

Thankyou Pastor John Dees, and our Elders; Mike Nevin & Ed Hughes and our church family that made this a priority and possibility. Your support and encouragement and prayer is moving us toward the fulfillment of God’s Vision through CPC.

Rev. Ken Galyean

Kanunga Bible Counseling – Leadership Training

Pastor Joseph and Berna  Pastor Joseph and Berna Olowo, from Mbarara, Uganda standing in front of their partially finished church.

 Call to Africa has been working with Joseph and Berna since 2003 to spread  the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Weatern part of Uganda through leadership training conferences, clinics, evangelistic campaigns, prison ministry, radio and video ministry.

 CTA will join Pastor Joseph and Berna in June 20 – 29 in Kanunga, Uganda to host a Biblical Counseling Conference to equip leaders for ministry in the rural villages next to the border of Congo. Pastor Joseph will train an evangelistic rally team and use puppets, dramas and video to saturate the area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ  with a Ugandan and American Team.

Rev. Ken Galyean