Renate and Ken at Murchison Falls in Northern Uganda. The Lord has been so good to us after 30 years of marriage and 20 years of ministry we are learning that our relationship with Christ and each other is the foundation we live from.

Here we are at the top of the falls where the Nile River comes within 9 meters across. As we reflect on our life and the privileges God has given us we can’t express our thanks to God in words. To see the beauty of His creation and to share the good news of His love has been very fulfilling.

This trip we were able to Minister in 13 villages and towns with Pastor Henry Ssevviiri, and Pastor Joseph Olowo and host 30 team members plus 50 Ugandan Rally Team members. Renate’s involvement with the Sarah and Joseph Foundation of CTA enabled her to lead team members to host women’s conferences and distribute sewing machines, bibles, and pigs to widows and help empower the venerable women who struggle to feed and send their children to school. A new tailoring school was began with Mrs. Otile and the women of their church planted at the Fair Grounds. The Sanctuary Fellowship from Houston TX. was very helpful with this effort and we want to thank their ladies; Mary, Cammy, Heidi, Marlene, Liz, and Diana.  Matt Prine (Leadership Pastor from TSF) also lead their group to participate with many evangelistic rallies in the schools and market places around Masaka, Uganda. They also helped conduct VBS at the Good Shepherd School and invested in two church plants, one by leading a baptism of 48 new believers and the second church plant TSF invested resources for cement for the church floor. Pastor James Luwaga of Bukiya Redeemer Church is very thankful to the Lord for all He did through this team. So are Renate and I !

Rev. Ken and Renate Galyean – Call to Africa

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