King of the Jungle

TRee Climbing Lion in Queen Elizabeth Park Uganda

After a week of ministry in Kanungu district of Uganda we made our way through the Queen Elizabeth National Park beginning close to Congo border. I had told Reante about the tree climbing lions and she thought I was teasing her. But 25 minutes into the park we ran up on this beautiful Lion, I stepped out of the car to take the photo and the team was on the other side of the tree where the Lioness was on the ground so they begin to plea with me to get back into the car. So I did in time to allow the lioness to cross in front of our vehicle to get to her babies.

 As much as this was a glorious moment on the trip, the greater glory was upon the faces who received a strong Bible foundation from teachers we brought from Whitesburg Baptist Church. Kim Reisenwitz, Vicky Hide, Audrey Henley, and JoAnn Glass taught 4 days laying a strong biblical foundation on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Authority of Scripture, Soverignty of God, the Gospel and the Marriage, among other foundational teachings that caused many heritical teaching to be confronted and strong hold broken.

 Meanwhile our Rally Teams made up of USA and Ugandan team members saturated the area with Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are now waiting on our third team coming from The Sanctuary Fellowship where Pastor Joe Sanders has assigned his assciate Matt Prine to lead a team of ten. They will participate in Sunday worship as Pastor Henry’s church and part of the team will help finish a women’s conference with our friends the Otile’s and their Pastor Prosy at the Show grounds in Jinja, Uganda.

 Please pray for us as we will join together this team and Ugandan members to present the gospel in areas around Jinja, and then travel to host a baptism for a church plant, conduct VBS at Henry’s church and build desk for the teachers.


Rev. Ken Galyean

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