In a village located on the Western border of Uganda and Congo called Kahihi, Uganda CTA hosted a team of 10 from USA including 4 Bible Teachers from Huntsville, AL. Vicky Hide, Audrey Henley, JoAnn Glass and Kim Reisenwitz taught for 4 days on the basic Bible doctrines of our faith. This critical teaching came to an area where two years ago a man claimed to be God and convinced 300 plus followers to lock themselves in a church and burn to death.

Now as God would have it, beginning with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Authority of Scripture, Depravity of man, Justification, sovereignty of God, Forgiveness among other critical Bible doctrines. God used these Bible Teachers in a super-natural way.

At the end of the conference each participant received a certificate showing they completed this 4 day teaching. Many false teachings were confronted and the truth has begun to set many free from the false teachings popular in many areas of Africa and around the world.

Renate and I want to thank the Lord for these ladies coming and teaching a doctrinal foundation that will help all those who attended this conference. The place was packed and our technical team worked it out to Video the conference in the overflow room of the conference site.

 Pictured here with her certificate and our Bible Teachers was a young lady some 14 years old who attended every session.

Thank You! Rev. Ken and Renate Galyean

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