It has been a real joy to be a part of our local church Crosspointe Community Church and have our leadership invite me to participate in one of our partnerships with ‘New Life Haiti’ and a community make-over in Campion, Haiti. This was my first trip to Haiti and though I had no idea of what to expect, I must admit there were many similarities with some very extreme needs and conditions like unto Africa. Pictured here at the top left is myself with three of our team members on top of the Citidel a fort built-in the 1800’s. UNBELIEVABLE!

Also you see the joy of Baptizing 12 new believers from the ministry partnership with Pastor Roosevelt in the village of Campion, about 45 minutes outside the city of Capetian, Haiti. I am so thankful to be part of a local church who cares for the needs locally and globally, as we exemplify the love of Christ as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The whole community turned up for this event, plus a bible distribution and soccer team supplies.

Our church has been involved in this partnership to include a water well, education for children and adults, bible distributions, capacity building in the church and pastor, and latrines for individual households in the community. This is very similar to our goals of community Transformation in Africa and I am excited to see similar efforts between CTA as an extension of Crosspointe Church and the hands on effort of our vision and leadership.

This trip was led by Mike Nevin one of our elders, Curtis Ellington, Doug Wright, Christian Caracciolo, Peggy Anderson, Jen Hall, Jen Bryan and me.

 I was so blessed to see the love of Christ that had been poured out through most of the team members who had been before and were known and loved among the people of Campion, Haiti.

I appreciate our Pastor; John Dees and Elders; Mike Nevin and Ed Hughes who allowed me to represent our leadership as one who has previously pastored a church.

Blessed! Rev. Ken Galyean

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