Masunga Senior Seconday School Rally Among 1500 students on Sunday morning October 9, 2011 CTA with partners from USA and Botswana share the gospel as the only hope. Masunga Senior Secondary school has been tagged as one of the best schools in Botswana, yet they have also suffered with many suicides as students lose hope if they don’t perform well enough to move up to the University of Botswana.

This mission to North East Botswana to train leaders, conduct soccer clinic/tournament and hold evangelistic rallies with a team of fourteen from USA, Botswana and Zimbabwe not only produced opportunities for more than 400 to profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior but also opened doors for the gospel into Zimbabwe, Zambia and Ghana for the days ahead.

Clyde Watts from Henderson Hills BC in OKC facilitated the soccer clinics/tournament, Brian Williams from Crosspointe Community Church, Madison AL. was the lead teacher in Pastors Leadership Conference. Josh McNeil – Mission Team Lead from Crosspointe Community Church serve in all venues and evaluate strategic nature of CTA’s partnership with OBC (Open Baptist Church, Gaborone, Botswana).

Because of this mission we were able to go into Zimbabwe and meet leaders to share the vision of carrying the same venues to their country in 2012. Also because of our partnership with OBC we have been asked to recruit a team from USA and Botswana (OBC) to go to Ghana during the September of 2012. We Praise Jesus for all His goodness and allowing us to work with credible partners in Africa to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the continent of Africa. We are seeing this vision become a reality as the Lord opens doors like these to train and equip leaders, evangelize target areas while training local leaders to do the same and use venues like soccer or medical as a platform for the gospel to reach the masses.

Thank You!

Rev. Ken Galyean

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