As we see 2011 come to a close and prepare for the 2012 mission schedule of CTA I stand amazed in the presence of an AWESOME God who has allowed us to see our dreams come true. Our Mission Statement says “To Touch the Continent of Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ”, during our mission to Botswana and Zimbabwe in October God revealed to me, He is bringing it to pass.

From an invitation to Uganda in 1995 God began to connect me to some of His chosen leaders that placed us on a pathway of opening a door for His gospel to Africa. Now since 2006 when He moved me from full-time Pastor in Arab, AL to begin ‘Call to Africa’ we have had the privilege to train leaders and preach the gospel in Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and now he is opening up Tanzania and Ghana in 2012. Not to mention Romania, Guatemala, and Haiti.

The team you see pictured on the right was with us in October as we conducted a Pastors/Leadership Conference, children’s Ministry Leadership Conference, Evangelistic Campaign and Soccer Clinic/Tournament. During this mission God opened the door into Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Ghana so now as we prepare to host a similar mission in Uganda in January we will also meet with leaders from 7 countries to prepare for the 2012/13 mission schedule.

My church;Pastor John Dees of Crosspointe Community Church in Madison, AL. has agreed to send our international mission team leader; Mike Nevin to travel with me through Botswana and Uganda  to meet with the leadership of Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania so we can cast vision and prepare our partners to conduct multiple venues to bring together strategies to expand the kingdom of God throughout these countries. Josh McNeil our Missions Team Leader from Crosspointe will join us in Uganda to meet the leaders of those bordering countries. We believe the result will be the opening of more doors into other African countries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We need your prayers and support! If your church or ministry would be interested in joining us in prayer, sending team members and sending resources we need your help! Pastors, teachers, young adults, laymen and women, doctors, medical personnel, soccer coaches/players, evangelist, worship leaders, technicians, business professionals, and construction folks are all needed. We use every venue imaginable as a platform for the gospel of Jesus Christ. My wife Renate (pictured left) leads the Sarah Joseph Foundation of CTA that focuses on womens empowerment and caring for the widows and orphans through animal husbandry projects and tailoring schools.  Every aspect of the mission has a training aspect to build capacity in the local leaders to carry on the ministry after we leave. We need your help! Thank you to all who invested through CTA this year to mobilize the gospel!

The greatest way we can say Merry Christmas this year is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Rev. Ken and Renate Galyean














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