Pictured left to right you will see Rev. Ken Galyean standing next to young Sarah and her Mother and then Irene Kaziba the Co-Founder with Renate Galyean of the Sarah Joseph Foundation. unfortunately Joseph died back  2005 after Renate was very concerned about the twins being kicked out of their home after converting to Christ under a muslim home.

Now 6 years later Ken runs into them in a leadership conference in Bugiri Baptist church were Renate and Irene founded the cause to help the widows and orphans in their distress. Now because Renate works alongside Irene to establish sewing centers and piggery’s they have followed the Lord to begin a line of sewing centers in Bugigri, Iganga and Jinja to help those most venerable.

We have been blessed by our church to have several ladies and sunday school classes give to purchase sewing machines and pigs to care this need close to the heart close tp the heart of Jesus. Now as Renate stays out this trip Ken goes and sets up venues with partners with like minds and hearts to move the gospel forward in a practical way. 2-3 of ladies have agreed to go with us and we pray their well to help Renate and Irene shares the good news of Christ and help provide practical ways to validate the message of Christ! Come go with us!! June 20 – July 1, or July 2 through 11, 2012.


Call 256-505-9027 or send email to call2africa@gmail.com.


Rev.Ken Galyean and wife Renate

If you are more iterested please contact us at Call2africa@gmail.com or sarahjoseph.renate@gmailc.om

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