Pastor Joseph and Berna  Pictured outside his unfinished church is a man of God and his Wife. In their heart is a dream, to send their daughter to University, finish their church building and to raise up Christian men and women who will change the course of their nation, continent and the world.

But they have been busy with life and ministry and did I tell you they both are just recovering from Malaria. But they won’t make this the topic of discussion, rather they want to hear how we can work together to help village churches survive who have nothing. So while their personal dreams are placed aside they continue to pursue the heavenly vision.

During our visit Joseph takes us to Parental Care Ministries location close to Ibanda, Uganda where he will treat their animals and show us the ministry site of a partnership between his friend Pastor Emmy and wife and the ministry from TX, USA. We are there with Pastor Henry Ssevviiri from Jinja, Uganda where many partners have helped bring Henry’s dream towards reality. But now we see in front of us where Pastor Henry’s village needs to progress and we also realize God is showing us a model of what we call “Community Transformation. A Christ centered village with the ability to educate, feed and sustain the next generation children until they grow into adults who will have the ability to change the course of their Nation for the Glory of God. It’s no accident that Henry and I are scheduled to fly into Juba, Sudan the next day and meet with the village leadership to begin a similar project where the men are 80% illiterate and the women are 90% illiterate and they are looking to us to help them. May God help us!

Our vision statement says “To touch the continent of Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ’, this is a very bold statement for a redneck from Alabama. But God is the one who will do it, He has revealed in front of me this year that He is doing it and I can participate or I can live my life-like most Americans, self-centered and chasing the next empty pursuit.

Why don’t you come help us pursue the modern-day Macedonian Call Acts 16:9-10? This year Uganda, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Ghana, you can join us.

This is your invitation,

Rev. Ken Galyean

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