The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

  The majesty of Creation and beauty of the animals and living things on the earth point us to the Creator. Here on Lake George you see a picture of Elephants, Water Buffalo and Hippo within view of one snap shot from across the lake.

After a week of ministry which included spreading the gospel, training sound technicians and leadership & women’s conferences we took time to go view God’s Glory in the created order of Western Uganda. Worship Pastor, Jay Hirshberg from Journey Church in Prattville , AL. later told me thanks as he first thought it to be an unproductive way to spend a day with so much work to be done. Of course this had always been my excuse since 1995 until 2010 as I finally took time to just try to take in the majesty of my God through His creation.

I stand amazed more every time I am able to recognize the Glory of God is revealed through all of creation and as the Psalmist said; ” What is man that Thou art mindful of him?” In the vast beauty of God’s creation and the magnitude of how minute and insignificant we are, He wants to have a personal relationship with us! “Thanks be unto God for His indescribable Gift!”

Our goal at CTA is to share with as many people as possible this good news! Please help us with your prayer, participation and stewardship of resources! We are available to help your church get involved in third world missions and would love the opportunity to discuss this with your leadership or ministry. Just contact us at and we would love to have an opportunity to involve you at what ever level you are prepared to join His work to the uttermost parts of the world.

Blessings! Rev. Ken Galyean

Evangelistic Rally Teams Provide A Dynamic Way to Spread the Gospel

Rally Team from Njeru Uganda under Pastor Henry Ssevviiri's Ministry  Two of our team members from Journey Church, Pratville, AL joined the rally teams on both sides of the country during 9 days of evangelistic outreach in the schools, market places and prisons in three different areas of the country from East to West, including Kampala, Uganda.

Andrew and Rachel Brakins from Journey church jumped right in to participate in the puppets, dramas dance and skits used to lead to presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ in the most effective ways I have seen to reach the people of Uganda and other African countries. CTA was trained by TIME Ministries and we have taken it to another level by training the locals and equipping them to go to where the people are to preach the gospel. The last days we saw Indian’, Hindus, prostitutes and muslims professing Jesus Christ as Lord!

We thank God for this creative way to include the youth of the churches in ministry and give them a missions heart. Please if you are interested in equipping a rally team, we need puppets, stage, and portable sound system, plus costumes and iPods as tools for the ministry. We have teams waiting to be trained from all over the country and we challenge them to be serious and if so we try to raise the funds for additional equipment to give them the tools they need to carry the gospel to the people at the ends of the world.


Rachel Brakins with the Rally Team from Pastor Henry Ssevviirri’s church in Njeru, Uganda.

Walking in the Pathway of Miracles – Uganda June 2012

Corungu, Uganda    In Western Uganda close to Kabwohe, Uganda you turn west and ride miles up into the most beautiful mountain ridges I have ever seen. Working alongside Pastor Henry Ssevviiri and Pastor Joseph Olowo they prayed about where our team from USA would go to conduct a leadership conference and a women’s conference. What we discovered was a group of precious people who had never had a missionary visit them and they had never seen a white man before this mission June 25-28, 2012.

Our team that joined my wife (Renate’) and I for these conference meetings where Christy Fordham and Sandra Chafee from my home church Crosspointe, in Madison, AL. The team member who joined me to teach the leaders and pastors was Mike Copple from one of partnering churches; FishHawk Fellowship Church, Lithia FL.

We experienced a hungry people for the word of God and He would not let them leave unsatisfied. Many came to faith in Christ and many were encouraged and discipled in the faith. We were in awe of the magnificent beauty of this place and the people’s hearts receptive for the truth only found in Jesus Christ!

We give Him all the Glory! Rev. Ken Galyean  Renate passing out pigs for the widows