Corungu, Uganda    In Western Uganda close to Kabwohe, Uganda you turn west and ride miles up into the most beautiful mountain ridges I have ever seen. Working alongside Pastor Henry Ssevviiri and Pastor Joseph Olowo they prayed about where our team from USA would go to conduct a leadership conference and a women’s conference. What we discovered was a group of precious people who had never had a missionary visit them and they had never seen a white man before this mission June 25-28, 2012.

Our team that joined my wife (Renate’) and I for these conference meetings where Christy Fordham and Sandra Chafee from my home church Crosspointe, in Madison, AL. The team member who joined me to teach the leaders and pastors was Mike Copple from one of partnering churches; FishHawk Fellowship Church, Lithia FL.

We experienced a hungry people for the word of God and He would not let them leave unsatisfied. Many came to faith in Christ and many were encouraged and discipled in the faith. We were in awe of the magnificent beauty of this place and the people’s hearts receptive for the truth only found in Jesus Christ!

We give Him all the Glory! Rev. Ken Galyean  Renate passing out pigs for the widows

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  1. Hello! Thanks for sharring this! I found this via google looking for missionaries in Kobwohe, Uganda. I live in Pennsylvania but have a friend in Kabwohe and am trying to get her in contact with a missionary there. Does Pastor Henry Ssevviiri and Pastor Joseph Olowo live in or neer Kobwohe? Thank you for your time!

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