Pastor’s Conference Rest Haven Zimbabwe

Pastor's Conference in Harare,Zmbabwe   Harare, Zimbabwe is where we joined a team of Pastor’s, Ministry Leaders and Theological Leaders of the Faith to conduct a Pastor’s Encouragement Conference for some 85 plus leaders and administrative staff. God gave us great favor and an opportunity of a life time for me to partner with such leaders of our faith; Dr. Phil Robertson (former President of Mid Western Seminary), Pastor Norman Schaeffer of Open Baptist Church, Gaborone, Botswana (this conference is a beginning fulfillment of God’s vision in Norman’s Life and Ministry.) Rev. Scott Shipes the children’s Ministry Director for Botswana, Pastor John Crocker – missions pastor of Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville, Al. Rev. Larry Wright the President of TIME Ministries Int., Clyde Watts – Pepsi City Director – Oklahoma City, OK. who lead our Sports ministry and outreach teams. What a joy to work together with great gifts to the body of Christ with a common goal of building the Kingdom of God! We have already committed September for 2013 to return with multiple venues to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor John Crocker and Rev. Larry Wright will partner to bring teams and resources to this area to train and equip the leaders in the Body of Christ throughout several areas of Zimbabwe for maximum kingdom impact. We have established significant relationships among leaders that we met as the result of our Partnership with OBC-Pastor Norman Schaeffer. Now we see many doors being opened before us for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please pray for us as we begin to fill 2013 and 2014 schedule, based on priorities of ministry. CTA is beginning to restructure so we can have God sized impact in the future within several African Communities. Pray that we may increase our staff with a technical Director, Sports Director and office  staff in Kampala, Uganda soon! I want to thank my personal friend and Mission Pastor Jeff Sukup from OBC, Gaborone, Botswana. Blessings! Rev. Ken Galyean

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