Pictured to the left is the new site for CTA office Uganda. Thanks to our partners in Kampala, Uganda we received 1/4 of this 50% complete rental unit in the capital of Uganda for the expansion of Call to Africa. We are recruiting teams and resources to move this office toward completion and occupation during the 2013 calendar year.

Our leadership is encouraging a step of faith to begin to place mid-term volunteers and interns on the mission field to insure the vision of CTA continues into the next generation and until the Lord returns.  God continually affirms the vision of CTA based on the Macedonian Call in Acts 16:9-10, that we stay consistent with the heavenly vision.

As 2013 approaches we will begin another community transformation project in S. Sudan where our goals will be three-fold; 1. Drill Well in Wanduruba 2. Train locals in ‘Farming God’s Way’ 3. Saturate the area with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This opportunity will allow CTA to bring together team members from USA, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Botswana and S. Sudan to participate in the ever-expanding heavenly vision. We are intentional in bringing together our partners from different countries to work together to expand the Kingdom of God and give our partners a Global vision.

We have more invitations than we could possibly cover so we must expand our staff and partnerships to expand into Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, and Kenya. We see the Lord opening all the border countries of the two primary landing points for CTA which are Uganda and Botswana. We need the help of teams and resources from USA partners and ministries to expand our reach.

Prayerfully excited!

Rev. Ken Galyean

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