Pastor Bob Chimboo and our local friends from USA and UGanda stand at the edge of a prepared plot for FGW

Pastor Bob Chimboo and our local friends from USA and UGanda stand at the edge of a prepared plot for FGW

During our time in Harare, Zimbabwe in September of 2012 God began to speak to my heart about the unmet needs of the leaders I was working with and the need to address these issues to free these leaders and their communities from the grip of poverty. At Rest Haven Retreat I met Pastor Bob Chimboo of Zimbabwe and though he is a church planter he is also a trainer of Farming Gods Way. In a country that has seen their economy collapse overnight because they kept printing more money (sound familiar) the locals had to find a way to survive. So originating out of Zimbabwe Farming God’s Way is based on the parable of the talents. Using a Hoe, a piece of string and $50 you can feed a family of 5 for one year! WHAT!!! Yep that’s what these simple farmers have learned in an area that now only has one growing season. I was so convicted and convinced from God that this must be included in all our leadership training conferences we raised resources to fly him into Uganda and join our team in S. Sudan and Uganda to teach as many groups as possible before returning to Zimbabwe on the 4th of February. Yes there are other countries that has FGW implemented but brining in someone like Pastor Bob who has seen his agriculture and economy collapse I knew he could see the riches that were in Uganda that most locals don’t realize. Please pray for us, he has three more teaching and training times before leaving on the 4th.

Bob Embracing Jack Fruit

Bob Embracing Jack Fruit

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