Zambia/Zimbabwe Vision Partnership and Ministry Mission

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During our 15 day mission with 9 team members from USA we traveled across Zambia and Zimbabwe to spread the gospel, train leaders , conduct women’s conferences, train children’s ministry workers, and meet with leaders from both countries to prepare for upcoming mission in August/September 2014.DSCN1144

Pictured below is one of our church services on Sunday deep in the village with Pastor Bob Chimboob from Zimbabwe. He helped to gather churches across denominational lines and helped us build kingdom relationships. As I preached from John 3 about the difference between Religion and Christianity we had over 60 respond to the Gospel here in this service including many of the leaders. I believe many have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We found such a hunger for the gospel in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Also a leadership drought just like here in our own country. Please pray for us as CTA considers its role in God’s plan for this partnership.

Though we spend time in the cities training leaders our heart is in the villages where the hunger for the gospel is so great! The hardest thing about going to places like this is they beg you to come back and you live with the knowledge that you will probably never see these people again this side of heaven. But the comfort you get in knowing Philippians 1:6 “that He who hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Preaching under a tree to 6 different churches represented in the villages of Zimbabwe.

Preaching under a tree to 6 different churches represented in the villages of Zimbabwe.

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Rev. Ken & Renate Galyean live in Arab, Alabama, Ken is the Founder and Director of Call to Africa since inception October 2006 . Renate drives a school bus and travels with Ken during the summer months. Renate is the Co-Founder of Sarah Joseph Foundation which focuses on womens empowerment. widow and orphan care. Ken is the former pastor of Brindlee Mt. Baptist Church in Lacey's Spring, Al. where he served for 14 years and 7 months before founding CTA where he works full time in this faith based international ministry. Ken and Renate have 3 adult children Amy, Ray & Clint and 3 grandchildren a son in law, Dusty and a daughter in law, Cidney. They are members of Crosspointe COmmunity Church of Madison Alabama and their pastor is John Dees.

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