2018 Call to Africa Schedule

     CTA Logo Call to Africa 2018 Schedule

Uganda, AfricaJanuary (1st Team) 8-19, (2nd) 20-31, 2018

Medical Clinics, Eye Clinics, Team members needed techs, nurses, women/men Bible Teachers, orphan and widow ministry, Evangelism, Leadership/Pastor Training, Soccer Clinic/tournament. 

South Africa, Kimberly – April 1 – 7, 2018 

Small team of leaders, Pastors, youth Pastors: Special Easter services and a week of lectures with ‘Africa for Jesus’  (A4J) movement with young adults. Pastor's Conference in Harare,Zmbabwe

Chadobe, Zimbabwe – April 10 – 22, 2018 

Chadobe Medical Clinic and Outreach, Women’s Ministry, Widow and Orphan Ministry, Church Planting, Pastor’s / Leadership Conferences. Evangelism and Sports Ministry. Construction – Village Toilets. Team members needed, Women / Men Bible Teachers, Youth Ministry, Lay Men/Women, Pastors and Children’s Ministry workers.


Uganda, Africa – May 29 – June 12, 2017 

Children’s Ministry Training, Evangelistic Campaign, Orphanage/Baby Home Ministry, Widows and Women’s Ministry Conference, Pastors Training Conference, Construction Projects. School Sponsorship. 


Botswana/Zimbabwe/ Malawi –  August 22- September 7, 2018 : Pastors Leadership Training Conferences, Evangelistic Campaign, Construction of Village Toilets.  


Uganda Mission June 16 – 30, 2014

DSC_0575 Here in Njeru, Uganda under the shadow of a mosque, Pastor Henry Ssevviiri of Life Giving Stream Tabernacle host the 4th annual Soccer/NetBall Tournament as a platform to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During this time in Uganda CTA hosted a team of 14from FFC  to partner with Pastor Henry to conduct multiple venues including Leadership Training Conference, Construction projects, women’s empowerment, water well dedication, widows and orphans ministry, evangelistic rallies.

Now as we prepare to return to Uganda this month, we ask for prayer support as we will spend time in the Eastern and Western parts of Uganda to support a medical clinic, orphans ministry, evangelism rallies, school support for children, women’s empowerment, agriculture development, pig project, water dedication and leadership training opportunities.

Our team will be small  but this gives us the freedom to be mobile and cover several areas of ministry need. We will have an intern (Kaitlynn Dugan from TX.) who will be helping CTA communicate to our circle of influence for future teams and missions to join us. You will begin to see post from Kaitlynn on our website and the blog attached.

Please pray for Pastor Henry Ssevviiri and Pastor Joseph Olowo who will be hosting us within their area of leadership. They have been an invaluable resource in CTA’s partnership to work toward community transformation.  Under their leadership we will provide support for projects on both sides of the country.  Pastor Henry will begin placing a fence around 84 acres on the Lake Victoria designated for Agriculture projects. Pastor Joseph Olowo is working in the West to construct a pig project with a goal to raise 50 pigs at a time. These agriculture projects have become a primary focus for CTA to help our friends become sustainable and validate the Gospel we preach.

joy and gerseys schoolAlso another primary focus in Community Transformation is clean water, Pictured to the right is an educator in Busheyi Uganda that has dedicated the rest of his life to raise a generation that will honor God with their lives. It is here we will dedicate a clean water project and conduct a medical clinic with Dr. Jay Gregston  and family of OK. Please pray for us!

Rev. Ken Galyean

Zambia/Zimbabwe Vision Partnership and Ministry Mission

During our 15 day mission with 9 team members from USA we traveled across Zambia and Zimbabwe to spread the gospel, train leaders , conduct women’s conferences, train children’s ministry workers, and meet with leaders from both countries to prepare for upcoming mission in August/September 2014.DSCN1144

Pictured below is one of our church services on Sunday deep in the village with Pastor Bob Chimboob from Zimbabwe. He helped to gather churches across denominational lines and helped us build kingdom relationships. As I preached from John 3 about the difference between Religion and Christianity we had over 60 respond to the Gospel here in this service including many of the leaders. I believe many have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We found such a hunger for the gospel in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Also a leadership drought just like here in our own country. Please pray for us as CTA considers its role in God’s plan for this partnership.

Though we spend time in the cities training leaders our heart is in the villages where the hunger for the gospel is so great! The hardest thing about going to places like this is they beg you to come back and you live with the knowledge that you will probably never see these people again this side of heaven. But the comfort you get in knowing Philippians 1:6 “that He who hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Preaching under a tree to 6 different churches represented in the villages of Zimbabwe.
Preaching under a tree to 6 different churches represented in the villages of Zimbabwe.

Uganda January 2014 Mission

Rebecca from FFC with Sangaalo Babies Mbeko, Uganda God is Good all the time! January 15 – February 5 , I had the privilege of being the host of Fishhawk Fellowship Church, Lithia Fl. and some good friends from Huntsville, Al. Kim and Gary Reisenwitz.

Pictured here is Rebecca Coleman holding babies at Sangaalo Babies Home Mbeko, Uganda. Truly a ministry to the least of the least. The heart of Sarah Joseph Foundation of CTA.

During our days of ministry on the ground in Uganda we hosted multiple venues; including Leadership Training, Soccer/Net Ball Tournament, medical Clinics, orphanage ministry, women’s empowerment, construction projects at two orphanages and Good Shepherd School. Our Ugandan host was Pastor Henry Ssevviiri from Njeru, Uganda. Call to Africa works with local trusted leaders like Pastor Henry to expand the kingdom of God.

DSC_0071 Here you see the women in attendance at one of the women’s empowerment meetings. Deep in the village our team of women traveled to minister the word of God and share testimony and look at empowerment projects already in place.

As you see every venue just validates the message that we share of God’s Extravagant Grace! We thank the Lord for His grace toward us and the privilege to share it wherever we go.

Please pray for us and go with us; we will travel to Haiti, Zambia, S. Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe this year and we have a spot for you! Blessings! Rev. Ken Galyean

SarahJoseph Foundation – Supporting Widows and Orphans

DSC00659 DSC00627 DSC00620 DSC00647 DSCN4623 SarahJoseph Foundation of Call to Africa has great influence in the kingdom of God throughout Uganda. Renate Galyean pictured at the bottom of this page with Irene Kaziba are the co-founders of this ministry.

The influence includes supporting ministries like Sagaalo Babies with the founders Demily and David Kimuli pictured with Rev. Ken top left.

Next picture is a church plant that was from a partnership with Kelly Green Global ministries. Elim Lake View Church has been the host church for many woman’s conferences conducted by Renate Galyean and Milly Mwesigwe. Now the church has a school and been added onto twice since its inception in 2006.

Renate was unable to travel with me this year but made sure resources and materials went to several ministries supported by the SJ Foundation. Please pray for this extension of CTA ministries as sewing machines, materials and resources for women’s empowerment projects have been distributed. School fees and funds for orphans are continuing to be channeled through this ministry to help the least of the least among the circles of influence where Renate has connected to partners.

Many of our supporters have supplied resources, materials, wedding dresses, bibles, bible teaching to make disciples of Jesus Christ through partnerships among the women of Africa.

Even though Renate wasn’t healthy enough to travel this year she makes sure to keep a prayerful watch out to help as the Lord provides through many partners like you for the Glory of God!

Zimbabwe Mission – Leadership Training, Soccer/Net Ball and Evangelistic Rally

Zim, Btw, USA Team September CTA will travel to Harare and Bulawayo Zimbabwe for a multi venue mission with our Partners from Botswana, Zimbabwe and USA.

Pictured to the right is our team from September 2012 where we worked alongside our host Pastor Ralph Stall, Pastor Mitchel, and Mission Director Jeff Sukup to spread the gospel in school assemblies, evangelistic rallies,  soccer/net ball tournament and leadership training in the city and the rural areas outside Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

IMG_2880Pictured left, Clyde Watts from OKC, continues to lead CTA’s Sports venues as a platform for the gospel of Jesus Christ. September Clyde will return with CTA to help train and equip our partners to host these evangelistic events using sports.

We will have team members from USA, South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe working together to conduct two Leadership/Pastor Encouragement Conferences, evangelistic rallies, and soccer/net ball tournament in Harare and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Please pray for us and look for upcoming schedule to join CTA as we pursue the ‘Call to Africa’. Please pray for us! Rev. Ken Galyean  IMG_2767

Return to Uganda June 2013

Team from Botswana in 2010
Team from Botswana in 2010


This is one of many very special pictures of one of our teams that joined me in Botswana. If you notice my friend Phil Hunsucker (top middle, grey hair and sunglasses) smiling. He and his wife Debbie invited us to attend Crosspointe Church where we have now been members for 4 plus years. Phil was supposed to be coming with me to Uganda this week but the Lord called him home Sunday afternoon about 7PM. Please pray for his wife Debbie and their family as they try to walk through this valley. We pray that the peace of God would draw each family member close during this tragic time of grieving Phil’s untimely death. He was a great friend and brother in Christ.

Heaven is getting sweeter as the days go by and the thing that is on my mind today is to make sure I make a better effort to express my love among my wife, family and friends each time I have opportunity. Because we are never certain that today may be my last opportunity to express the love of Christ with those He has placed in my life.

Blessings! Ken

Return to Uganda June 2013

P1080007We look forward to seeing our partners in Uganda in another week. The Lord has blessed us and He continues to give us opportunities to spread the Great News of his Gospel! Please pray for us as we will work together with our Ugandan leadership Partners to move some projects forward to completion.

Also we hope to purchase 1 or more brick machines on this trip to add equipment that will help us move closer to sustainability within our community transformation projects, primarily in Njeru, and Mbarara, Uganda. We will also invest in the widows and orphans ministry under CTA; Sarah Joseph Foundation and its connections. DSC01392Blessings Rev. Ken

Soccer Tourney and Net Ball Draw large Crowd to Hear the Gospel


Explaining the Gospel at the Soccer Field in Njeru
/ Explaining the Gospel at the Soccer Field in Njeru

With crowds swelling during the Soccer and Net Ball Tournament in Njeru, Uganda CTA partners from USA and Life Giving Stream Tabernacle church offered opportunities for anyone to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here with Pastor Matt Moore from FFC and Pastor Ken Galyean of CTA these adults gave their lives to Christ and were challenged to become a part of the local fellowship to be discipled in the faith. Many more responded as the invitation was given by Pastor Henry Ssevviiri.


Below is Pastor Matt from FFC preaching to large crowd before the trophies were passed out among the winners of the tournament. The Lord id Good!

Rev. Ken Galyean