2017 Travel Schedule Begins for CTA

2015-01-18-14-10-43Our 2017 travel schedule begins!

From January 9 – Feb 2, Call to Africa will host 2 teams in Uganda. Our first team will conduct Medical and Eye Clinics, in the Western Side of Uganda.We will work with our good friend and CTA Field Director – Pastor Joseph Olowo. Kirungu and Ntgoma will be 2 villages where we be during 12-15 of January 2017.
Please pray for us as we continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we pursue God’s Call to Africa! 

Return to Uganda June 2013

Team from Botswana in 2010
Team from Botswana in 2010


This is one of many very special pictures of one of our teams that joined me in Botswana. If you notice my friend Phil Hunsucker (top middle, grey hair and sunglasses) smiling. He and his wife Debbie invited us to attend Crosspointe Church where we have now been members for 4 plus years. Phil was supposed to be coming with me to Uganda this week but the Lord called him home Sunday afternoon about 7PM. Please pray for his wife Debbie and their family as they try to walk through this valley. We pray that the peace of God would draw each family member close during this tragic time of grieving Phil’s untimely death. He was a great friend and brother in Christ.

Heaven is getting sweeter as the days go by and the thing that is on my mind today is to make sure I make a better effort to express my love among my wife, family and friends each time I have opportunity. Because we are never certain that today may be my last opportunity to express the love of Christ with those He has placed in my life.

Blessings! Ken

2013 Continue to Pursue the Heavenly Vision

Bob Embracing Jack Fruit
Bob Embracing Jack Fruit

January 8, we leave with a team from Alabama and OK to begin a new community transformation project in Wonduruba, S. Sudan. The New year brings great opportunities in the bordering countries of Uganda and Botswana. Beginning in Southern Sudan we will work with our friends from Uganda and the team members from USA to partner with local leaders in S. Sudan to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a new area.

Our home church is Crosspointe Community Church in Madison Alabama, and our Pastor John Dees and Elders have designated resources to drill a water well on the property in the village of Wonduruba. CTA supporters have helped us purchase farming tools so the local community can provide food for themselves and offer tangible evidence that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is alive and well. This will be a brutally long trip to begin a project that has been 5 years in the making. Our first trip into Sudan was 2008 to preach a crusade alongside Pastor Zachariah Sserwadda in Juba, Sudan. We saw a hunger for the gospel like only very few will ever experience, the conviction of the Holy Spirit was noticeably very powerful.

The Chief of Juba made an appointment with us to discuss the possibility of our bringing a team to his home village where he said they have nothing! The illiteracy rate is 80% among the men and 90% among women. So after building a relationship of trust with our Macedonian Acts 16:9-10, a man by the name of Peter Yata we are prepared to move within the heavenly vision to focus on three primary goals this trip; 1. Drill a well, 2. provide farming tools 3. Saturate the area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pictured to the right and below is the chief wearing my Alabama hat, walking off a piece of property he donated for this community transformation project. Please pray for us as we pursue the modern day ‘Macedonian Call’. We need other teams to come alongside us as we have more invitations than we can accomplish. Please contact us if this is something you or your church desires to participate in.

Blessings! Rev. Ken Galyean


Partners in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Pastor Henry Ssevviiri

Pastor Henry Ssevviiri of “Life Giving Stream Tabernacle” has witnessed the Lord’s transforming power as he reflects over the last 12 plus years since planting this church in 1999. Daily the pressures mount from a growing ministry and involvement in community transformation. which includes a Christ Centered Church, Clean Water, Education for 520 Preschool through P7, Feeding Center, Women’s Empowerment, Adult Education, Bible teaching, Preaching, Pastor, Evangelist and Training Leadership throughout Uganda and surrounding countries. Plus raising a family that honors God with their lives.  To whom much is given much is required….Henry knows.

 Many of you reading this, know Pastor Henry and his wife Mary and you have been a channel of blessings from God to be a part of this God Moment. THANKYOU! I have been partners with Henry in the Gospel since 2000, and personal friend’s since 1995 we have prayed together and watched God be faithful over His promises! THANK HIM!
 As I prepare for our time together in June 20-July 5, with teams from Al, and Fl. I ask you to pray for us to be Spirit filled and lead as we travel to Jinja, Mbarara, and Kampala to work with leadership,Technicians Conference,  women’s ministry, evangelism, water project, and school feeding capacity.
 Henry’s heart for the Lord Jesus and his passion to spread the good news make him a valuable servant of the Kingdom. While we were together in January we saw another village like his own with a man of God at the center of leadership, with a vision to be self-sustaining as a community centered on Christ. As you pray for Pastor Henry and this village in Njeru, Uganda please ask the Lord to reveal His plan and provision to Henry so his steps will be ordered by God. We are praying over the purchase of property to grow food for the school and job production. Also this would be a great way to teach agriculture within the education process at Good Shepherd School. We watched God supernaturally raise up Good Shepherd School from ruins into one of the nicest facilities in the area and the student body grew from 220 – 520 in 10 months during 2010-11. Now the monthly responsibility that goes with feeding, staffing and educating these future leaders of Uganda, (without a steady income) seeing many of these students are unable to pay the school fees required.  Right now feeding the children every month has become the greatest opportunity and challenge to see God’s provision. Please pray with us as we ask the Lord to care for these dear friends and partners in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are looking at offering individual sposorships for children with the greatest needs. Pastor Henry would not publish these thoughts and prayer concerns but as his partner I ask you to make this a matter of prayer?
Rev. Ken Galyean

FFC sends Leaders to Host Pastor’s Conference in Bugiri, Uganda

Pastor Matt Moore, from Fishhawk Fellowship led a team of 9 to join CTA in hosting a Leadership conference, children’s Ministry Leadership Training, evangelistic campaign and church construction project and host a soccer tournament within 9 days of ministry.

There are times when God initiates special times that refresh the heart and renew the spirit, this was one of those times where God anoints a meeting to take His people to a new level of ministry and open’s the Word up in a powerful way. This was a time where He moved through the area of Bugiri, and Busembatia, Uganda to prepare leaders for the work of the ministry and to reach many with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

After the team left the Lord opened up the door into Southern Sudan and potentially Tanzania as well. We also met with Pastor Joseph and Berna Olowo to prepare for 2012 and 13.

Please pray that we will be faithful to heavenly vision!



Rev. Ken Galyean