• Clean Water Projects in Uganda and Zimabawe. Whenever you make clean water accessable to African communities the health is immediatetly improved by 67%. We have two projects between a village out side Mbarara, Uganda and one in Chadobe, Zimababwe that we need your help!
  • In Uganda we need another $7000 to provide a bore hole for clean water
  • Chadobe, Zimabwe we need $15,000 to drill a bore hole, provide submersable pump – solar powered and raised tank to supply our mission station and clinic.
  • Educating children in Uganda – Good Shepherd School in Njeru, Uganda has some 600 students where only 1/2 can pay their school fees. But the local pastor beleives to break the poverty cycle, we must provide these children with a Christ Centered education. $150 / student / semester- provides education, uniform and meals for these children. $450/year – you can make a difference! Read more…


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