Renate passing out pigs for the widows From her first trip in 2004, Renate realized there needed to be a focus within CTA’s ministry that reached into the widows and orphans of Uganda. So in 2005 Renate began working with local Pastor’s wife’s to train and equip them to minister to the widows and orphans of their communities. From this burden Renate and Irene Kaziba from Iganga, Uganda formed the ‘Sarah and Joseph Foundation’ of Call to Africa to recruit women and resources to help provide opportunities within the local church communities, to help the widows and orphans. So Ladies joined Renate in June and July of 2013 to help facilitate Women’s Conferences, Bible Distributions, VBS, Medical Clinics, or send resources for sewing machines, pigs, goats, or provide school fees for orphans and vernerable children to get an education. You see pictured above a new tailoring class that Renate and the Ladies from The Sanctuary Fellowship helped to begin during their teams trip with CTA in July 1-10, 2011. Renate Galyean – Co Founder of CTA, Director of Sarah & Joseph Foundation

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